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Some genius used a drone to pull off this truly spooky Harry Potter-esque prank

You can’t just give a Dementor the old one-two.

EVERY HARRY POTTER reader knows and fears the Dementors – soul-sucking demons who feed on human happiness and bring despair on anyone who dares come near them.

Animated Gif by Julie Source: PhotoBucket

tumblr_static_jxishmr Source: Tumblr

They’re not too nice, are they? Which is why this prank is a bit genius and a bit evil, all at the same time.

Twitter user Zac Crueger’s uncle got a hold of a drone and, in the spirit of the season, decided to use it to prank people.

He attached a simple Halloween decoration to the machine, and observed the ensuing chaos:

Cu7dcXYWgAAl5N9 Source: Twitter/@ZacCrueger


Cu7dcYtWgAA1Xjj Source: Twitter/@ZacCrueger

Zac’s tweet about his uncle’s prank went incredibly viral, accumulating over 160,000 retweets in three days. If that seems like he’s ruined the surprise, Zac has already realised that:

Cu7dcZBXYAAmv1C Source: Twitter/@ZacCrueger

Nevertheless, he’s telling the residents of his village in Wisconsin to not get “too scared if you see a skeleton floating at you”.

We’re sure that comforted them greatly.

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