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10 dry shampoo problems every gal knows too well

*clutches Batiste* My precioouuuusss.

DRY SHAMPOO IS one of the great inventions of modern times – right up there with the polio vaccine. But that doesn’t mean it’s without its problems. We know them all too well.

1. It doesn’t really solve all your hair issues

Ваша любимая вишенька и много других вкусов В НАЛИЧИИ Source: Instagram/luminoso_jewelry_ukr

Not if your hair gets greasy quickly, anyway. Chance putting it on instead of showering in the morning, and by midday your fringe will be lank, yet smelling of ‘floral and flirty blush’.

2. That cotton wool-like feeling your hair gets after using it

No matter how much time you spend brushing it out.

3. When you spray it too close to your head and get a fetching gray streak

4. When you forget to massage it into the back of your head

Might be time to get the roots touched up. Jk #dryshampooproblems

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Hey there, Pepe LePew!

5. Or end up with a unintentional bouffant

#dryshampooproblems #toomuchvolume

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6. When it sort of flakes off and you pray to god people don’t assume it’s dandruff

giphy Source: Giphy

But why would they think otherwise? Of course they think it’s dandruff.

7. The good stuff is so bloody dear

Tame those morning locks with a spritz of Batiste! Which is your fave scent? RG: @xameliax #instahair #hairgoals #morninghair #morningstories #weekendstyle Source: Instagram/batiste_hair

€5.50 for 200mls! You only do this because you know we can’t say no, Batiste.

8. When someone asks to borrow yours and you monitor their every spray

tumblr_m8g3whAIIZ1qed1exo1_500 Source: Tumblr

“If you use it all, this friendship is over, Karen. Over.”

9. Knowing that one can runs out so, so fast

#regram @livetravelglow - @modelrecommends Look @colabhair has made it to Estonia! Super excited for coming #goodhair days! Available in I.L.U stores in New York, London and Paris fragrances! #dryshampoo #COlab #estonia Source: Instagram/colabhair

B-but, we could have sworn it was full an hour ago!

10. And actually having to resign yourself to a shower

*sighs* FINE. If we have to.

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