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Finally, FINALLY, you can buy a Dublin Airport simulator game

Calm down now. No need to get so excited.

FORGET ASSASSIN’S CREED. Forget Destiny. Dublin Airport Simulator is the games release of the year.

German company Aerosoft creates flight simulation software for training programs, developing detailed reconstructions of airports all over the world.

Used to be that Irish airports were sadly overlooked, but in August the company finally released a Dublin Airport simulator.

Yes, now you can fly into Dublin Airport from the comfort of your own home.


We can’t tell you how sorry we are that this exciting development flew under our radar. *cough*

The blurb describes the airport thus:

With up to 20 million passengers per year Dublin’s International Airport is of course the number one in Ireland and also ranked 15th of all European airports… Enjoy a wonderful approach into the Celtic pearl and enjoy something typical [sic] Irish after the work is done.


If you’re not convinced of the landmark nature of the game, please watch the preview video, complete with yearning trad soundtrack.

Source: Aerosoft GmbH/YouTube

Um, dare we say we are impressed? That’s a LOT of detail.

The simulator is available to buy from the Aerosoft website for a mere €25.99. Get on it.

h/t James Kelleher

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