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Dublin's Fair City

Here's how Dublin will look in Showtime drama Penny Dreadful

‘You get better Victorian London in Dublin than in London.’

SHOWTIME’S NEW DRAMA is set to hit screens in May, but for the last six months, the cast and crew have been hanging around Dublin filming the series.

As a result, sections of Ireland’s fair city have been made over to look like Victorian London, as you may have noticed if you live in the capital.

If not, here’s an idea of what’s been done.

penny 3

penny 2

penny 1

If that’s not enough, this behind the scenes video gives you a proper glimpse at how filming has worked in Ireland.

Apparently you get ‘better Victorian London in Dublin than in London’.

Penny Dreadful

What’s it all going to look like once it’s properly glossed over with Hollywood magic?  Well this trailer gives a tiny peek.

Penny Dreadful

It actually looks alright!  Fingers crossed.

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