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"Pyjama Girl has every right to be in the set" - meet the team behind the 14 'icons of Dublin'

Plus more pictures of the signs going up around Dublin.

Image: Joe Collins

LAST WEEK DUBLIN City Council unveiled 14 icons chosen to represent Dublin in the new few WiFi spots around the city.

Pixelated images of internationally renowned names like Phil Lynott, Oscar Wilde and Dracula have been chosen, along with quintessentially Dublin images like the Flower Seller, Trad Musician and, somewhat controversially, Pyjama Girl.

DailyEdge.ie caught up with the team behind the project, who revealed that a competition to find the next Dublin icon is on the way from Dublin City Council.

It could be another famous Dublin name… or it could be you, so watch this space.

The pixelated mosaic tiles – the next batch of which are being launched in Smithfield today – were conceived of and made in Dublin, with the input of renowned UK designed Craig Robinson.

GAA Man – one of the 14 Dublin icons (Image: Joe Collins)

Joe Collins and Róisín Keown from the DDFH&B advertising agency were the creative team behind the mosaic tiles (the agency was also behind the Dublin City Council graffiti campaign).

Dublin City Council presented the challenge of creating a quirky signage solution for the 12 new free WiFi spots in Dublin City Centre, and the idea of pixelated images, tied in with the notion of Dublin ‘going digital’ was chosen.

Pixel pioneer Robinson was then brought in to create the 14 icons in their current form.

Collins and Keown told DailyEdge.ie that he “nailed” some of the images – like Phil Lynott – straight away, but that he needed some more guidance on the more Dublin-centric logos.

Collins said that some of the images – like the street cleaner and the pyjama girl – were chosen because their particular images are associated with Dublin:

We think that is what makes the project exciting and inclusive. The street cleaner is unique to Dublin and is an icon of Dublin City Council.
This is about WiFi and the internet and it’s a level playing field. You don’t have to be great at something to be famous on the internet. We wanted to include all Dubliners and Pyjama Girl has every right to be in the set.

Collins and Keown said that Robinson was excited by the project and that he pulled out all the stops to work with the team.

The icons were agreed with Dublin City Council, and then references were sent to the artist so that he could create the pixelated silhouettes.

The signs were made in Dublin by a company called Mosaic Assemblers and finished off by DD O’Brien and Company.

Prime for robbing?

The team have said that while theft of the one-off pieces is a minor concern, they have been placed in locations fairly high off the ground to avoid being stolen as souvenirs.

Keown also noted that there was concern that the Dublin Bikes would succumb to theft, but that they have been recognised as a positive piece of Dublin charm and life.

Images: Joe Collins

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