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Dunnes Stores mannequins are officially out of control

Please examine the evidence.

21/10/2010 Dunnes Stores Reopens Source: /Photocall Ireland

IT’S SOMETHING WE’VE noticed for a while, but now we’re sure.

Dunnes. Your mannequins. They’ve gone wild. And something needs to be done about this flagrant disregard for common decency.

Just look at this pair presenting their posteriors in Stephen’s Green

No one needs to see that.

And this one CLEARLY itching his bum

You had one job, mannequin man.

Here’s a strap shamelessly slipping a nip

And looking as if butter wouldn’t melt. Well!

This one, larking about with his pants down

BcRqD4VCAAARUfL Source: Twitter/@tadhgobriain

We’ve never seen anything more depraved.

This one brazenly trying to cop a feel in the Square, Tallaght

BLCgXSuCEAEeY0G Source: Twitter/@dicey9

OK, now we’ve never seen anything more depraved.

This one with his hands down his jocks, again in Stephen’s Green

Get a room!

And doing it again, a year later in the same store

Meanwhile at Dunnes Stores in Stephens ... Source: Facebook/Turn off the Immersion

Dunnes, put some smacht on them. For the sake of the children.

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