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Which Notionsy Dunnes Stores Product Are You?

No St. Bernard here.

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First of all, pick a notions beverage.
San Pell, baby

Flat white

Innocent smoothie
Matcha latte
Where do you do the Big Shop?

Super Valu

Marks & Spencer
Dunnes Stores
Which of these situations horrifies you the most?
"Oh, we don't do prosecco here actually."
"We have no vegan options on the menu, sorry!"

"We're out of Nespresso capsules."
"Here's a plate of fish and chips served in a miniature trolley."
You have some €€€ to spend in ASOS. What do you buy?
A good winter cape
Some nice brogues.

A kimono, of course!
Ralph Lauren socks.

A pyjama blouse. (Not to be worn in bed.)
Rose gold trainers. (To match your iPhone.)
Which hummus speaks to you?

Jamie Oliver has five children. Which of their names is your favourite?
Poppy Honey Rosie
Daisy Boo Pamela

Petal Blossom Rainbow
Buddy Bear Maurice

River Rocket
Finally, which #notions food is most likely to be found in your kitchen?
Chorizo. (Ham is for mucksavages.)
Basil pesto. (For pesto pasta, of course.)

Pre-spiralised vegetables. (Courgetti fo' life.)
Bitta pâté. (For my Friday nights in, you know yourself.)

Sourdough. (None of that batch bread for me.)
Almond milk
Answer all the questions to see your result!
Dunnes Stores
You scored out of !
You're a €900 blush pink reversible shearling coat!
Because you're worth it, natch.
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You scored out of !
You're a pair of brogues designed by Paul Galvin!
Ooh, check you out. Too fancy for trainers, are you? We bet you tie your jumper around your shoulders as well.
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You scored out of !
You're a silk baby romper designed by Paul Costelloe!
Only the best for you.
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You scored out of !
You're a €150 plain grey cashmere wrap!
Luxury is your middle name.
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You scored out of !
You're an ampersand cushion!
What does it mean? Nothing. But it sure as hell looks good on your Instagram.
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You scored out of !
You're a €350 ruched cotton velvet headboard!
You're allergic to anything that *isn't* velvet. No cheap ass headboards from Argos for you.
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