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Oh My God, What A Complete Aisling to be made into film
Just a small-town girl living in a notions world.
# Irish people
11 things Irish people have absolutely no time for (and never will)
It’s your round, remember?
# The boom is back
14 products from Brown Thomas that will only appeal to people with serious notions
Rich people will buy anything.
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The legendary 'We Want Plates' Twitter account has compiled the 10 worst ways restaurants served food in 2017
Make it stop.
# represent boi
The New York Times spent 36 hours in Cork and made it sound like the coolest place
# new york homes
People think Dermot Bannon's new show in New York is going to give him even more notions
Empire state of mind.
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10 times Aldi hit peak notions in Ireland
Fancy candles, ostrich steaks and organic prosecco.
# Becks Appeal
Former Galactico explains how his attempt to befriend David Beckham cost him €25,000
Brazil international Cicinho was new to Real Madrid and a lifestyle of glamour when he took a shining to Beckham’s fashion sense.
Opinion: 'The recovery is at serious risk of creating a hostile environment for artists and creatives'
We need to address Dublin’s problems and call it a crisis before it’s too late, writes Roisin Agnew.
# Brown Thomas
16 of the most notiony things you can buy in Brown Thomas
Could you bring yourself to pay €140 for a toothpick holder?
# notions
10 things all expert M&S shoppers know to be true
Percy Pigs = your kryptonite.
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The desserts made on Masterchef Ireland last night had some serious notions
It’s a long way from Viennetta.
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Guinness has gone pure notions with its new recipes but they actually look delicious
Mmm, Guinness-flavoured stew.
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This cafe in Dublin is bringing the 'blue latte' craze to Ireland
Ah here.
# bolloxology
'The TV spoiler has as much potential to ruin an evening as food poisoning'
Comedian Colm O’Regan on people’s aversion to spoilers – and whether they’re a symptom of notions.
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13 of the most Dundrum Shopping Centre things to ever happen
Losing the run of itself.
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Aldi's crisp flavours are too notions for their own good
“Confit Duck and Boozy Berry.”
# Chip off the old block
Notions alert - the 'world's most expensive crisps' cost €51 for a box of five
Five. Just five crisps. Would you be WELL?
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Which Notionsy Dunnes Stores Product Are You?
No St. Bernard here.
# would you be well
15 things that are far from where you were raised
*said in mam voice*
# notions dunnes
12 signs that Dunnes has completely lost the run of itself
Whither St Bernard? Where did he go?
# go way and shite
17 photos that will make every Irish person say 'f*** right off'
Seriously. Get outta here.
# Ah here
A box of Kellogg's cereal has been spotted on sale for €13 in Dublin
We are through the looking glass now, people.
# pure notions
Somebody scrawled the most Irish insult onto the wall of this Dublin pub's jacks
They don’t like the new direction it’s going.
# notions
This supermarket in Canada has the most unintentionally Irish aisle
We have found them, at last.
# notions
10 ways Dublin's cocktail bars have lost the absolute run of themselves
Rein it in, guys.
# notions
Starbucks Ireland are launching their most notiony coffee yet
They’ve officially lost the plot.
# notions
Irish Snapchat users are up in arms over 'Boxing Day' filters
# notions
9 signs Dublin has completely lost the run of itself
Simply. Having.
# Verdict
Tesco's prosecco-flavoured crisps. Must-try snack or a step too far for humanity?
We found out.
# Verdict
We tried the new Prosecco-flavoured crisps
Notions or delish? We found out.
# good towels
Do You Have Notions?
Well, do you?
# notions
The breakfast pizza is taking over the world, but would it ever work in Ireland?
This is not just leftover pizza, it’s much more than that.
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Looks like McDonald's Japan is getting some serious notions about itself...
Is that… avocado?
# what fresh hell is this
Birds Eye introduced chicken dipper canapes and everyone cried notions
We are through the looking glass now.
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The good times are back - This taxi app will bring champagne right to your door
The service has launched in London and it’s not as pricey as you’d think.
# Eye of the tiger
11 things that could have only happened during the Celtic Tiger
We all partied…
# notions
The Irish Dairy Board is getting fierce fancy
It comes on the eve of EU milk quotas being scrapped.
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14 of the most frightfully middle class things ever
So many notions.
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16 reasons to say 'what recession?'
We’re losing the run of ourselves, again.