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# Stare down
Random man stares down the camera on Eastenders, becomes internet star
Who is he? Where did he come from? Will someone give him a main part?

EASTENDERS HAS BEEN full of great moments this week – and just when we thought it was all over, it has given us one more.

In the wake of last night’s big revelation and to mark the end of the live episodes, there was a live backstage show where all the cast were interviewed about what happened.

While Zoe Ball was interviewing actor Adam Woodyatt (AKA Ian Beale) a random man made himself known at the side of the screen.

See how he looks around Zoe Ball to stare at the camera some more:


Needless to say, everyone is enamoured with this man, and wondering where in the name of God he came from. BBC, can you explain this?

Cast him in everything. At once.

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