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You have been peeling spuds wrong your entire life

Game changer.

PEELING POTATOES IS maybe the most time-consuming thing in the world.

In fact, it’s complete minus craic.

Well, forget everything you thought you knew because this guy has devised a super easy and efficient way of peeling spuds that will change everything.

Source: DaveHax/YouTube

First, roll the blade around the centre of the potato. Not too deep into the potato, mind.

insta Source: Dave Hax/YouTube

Next, put them in the pan, add boiling water and leave them to cook.

insta Source: Dave Hax/YouTube

Once they have cooked, drain them and run the pan under cold water.

insta Source: Dave Hax/YouTube

And once they are cool to the touch, you will be able to remove the skin.

insta Source: Dave Hax/YouTube


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