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The 8 most embarrassing international headlines about #YokeGate

We’d like to think they’re laughing with us, not at us.

THE QUESTION ON every Irish person’s lips today is: “Any yokes?”

Yes, the Dáil is to sit late tonight after a court ruling this morning temporarily made drugs like ecstasy, ketamine and crystal meth legal.

File Photo Govt introduces emergency legislation following Court of Appeal judgment which will effect head shops reopening. Source: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

Naturally, Irish people had some amount of craic with the news – and the incident has even gone global. Just look at the headlines from the world’s media.

Like this doubting one from the UK Mirror:

ecstasy1 Source: Mirror.co.uk

It was an accident! We swear!

At least Business Insider gets it:

ecstasy5 Source: Business Insider

BBC Newsbeat is a bit more forgiving:

ecstasy7 Source: BBC Newsbeat

Over at the Washington Post, journalist Christopher Ingraham is advising people to “book your plane tickets now”:

ecstasy8 Source: Washington Post

Music magazine FACT accompanied their article with a jazzy picture of some green shamrock pills:

ecstasy4 Source: factmag.com

Their tweet on the matter is even more damning:


The Guardian attempted a rather lame pun:

ecstasy6 Source: The Guardian


And Vice could barely disguise their glee about the whole thing:

ecstasy3 Source: Vice

Oh dear. Meanwhile, in Ireland:

tumblr_mmzh6moO9m1s6wz5no1_500 Source: Tumblr

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