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Nidge turned up at an Ed Sheeran gig and look what happened next...

Ed has a bone to pick.

ED SHEERAN PLAYED three sold-out shows at London’s Wembley Stadium over the weekend.

It was pretty epic.

Source: teddysphotos

And who should turn up? Only Ireland’s most terrifying fictional gangster King Nidge.

Source: teddysphotos

Turns out Ed is a bit of a fan of Tom Vaughan-Lawlor…

And apparently the feeling is mutual. Nidgey had this to say:

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So we learned that Ed Sheeran would not make a very scary gangster.

Incidentally Tom Vaughan-Lawlor wasn’t the only celeb to show up. There were also a few lesser names, like, oh, Elton John:

Source: teddysphotos

(Nice shoes Elt.)

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