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# Eggs

Last year
Man detained after eggs thrown at Britain's King Charles during visit to York
Police officers were seen restraining a suspect following the incident, which left the British Royals unhurt.
Legal requirement to confine poultry over bird flu fears to be lifted on Friday
It means that eggs can be classified as ‘free range’ again as hens are let out and about.
All time
Poll: What's the best way to serve eggs?
It’s Sunday morning, and we need to talk about eggs…again.
Quiz: How much do you know about eggs?
Egg shortage in some supermarkets amid bird flu outbreak and increased demand
Half a million hens have been culled as a result of the outbreak.
6 of the best... one-pan egg recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner
Egg-squisite meal ideas for any time of day.
What to make when... you've got eggs in the fridge
Egg-cellent recipes for a cracking meal at any time of day.
What to do with... the last couple of eggs in the carton
Get cracking with one of these eggceptionally good ideas.
Irish man due in UK court for attempting to smuggle rare bird eggs at Heathrow
Many of the eggs recovered on 26 June have now hatched.
An egg a day may keep heart disease away
Authors of a new study have said the research should not be looked at in isolation as diet is more complicated than just one item of food.
'No one's saying you can't have your Easter Egg - most people will just overdo it'
How much sugar is too much sugar this weekend?
Brexit could increase cost of milk, cheese and eggs by 46%
A hard Brexit could increase the cost of living by up to €1,300 per Irish household per year.
These are the top-selling goods we've stocked up on for Storm Emma
Confirmed: Ireland has gone bread mad (but we also like a sneaky bottle of wine in a snowstorm).
Human eggs grown in lab for first time raise hopes for new fertility treatments
The lead researcher called it a “very exciting” development.
Gardai issue Halloween warning after woman lost control of car in egg throwing incident
Gardaí also warned about the dangers associated with operating fireworks.
Tesco recalls batch of Creamy Leek and Bacon Cooking Sauce over 'undeclared egg'
The affected batch may be unsafe for people who are allergic to eggs.
Thousands of contaminated eggs recalled in the UK - but no threat to Ireland yet
Dutch investigators have arrested two men after millions of eggs were recalled across Europe.
Shape of bird eggs related to their ability to fly - study
It goes against theories that eggs are shaped to suit their environment; eg, to stop them rolling off a cliff face.
An egg a day helps children grow - science
A new study found that eggs reduced stunting in children by 47%.
The last remaining survivor of the 1800s has died
Italian woman Emma Morano was 117.
Did Cormac from Tallafornia really buy five eggs per bloke per day?
This ends with a conspiracy only Jim Corr could get to the bottom of.
Weetabix now has eggs and ham as a serving suggestion and people are like ‘ah here’
What fresh hell is this?
Can You Guess How Much Protein Is In These Foods?
Bet you can’t.
Busy life? Five foods that will keep you full - and full of energy
These are the foods that will keep you going for longer.
Fried eggs are by far the best and most vital part of a full Irish
Do not argue.
This Dublin cafe's Creme Egg Easter menu is absolutely bonkers
Introducing the latest internet sensation: a man who throws eggs at/to his mother every day...
Lesser women would have ‘cracked’ under the pressure.
This lad throws eggs to his unsuspecting mam every day, and it's weirdly hilarious
Lesser women would have cracked by now. (Sorry.)
Don't know how to make a pancake? We're here to help...
We’ve got you covered.
Europe's oldest woman says the key is living alone and eating eggs
Three eggs a day, to be precise.
12 upsetting pictures for people with feelings about eggs
Egg hell.
This calamity-prone cat has been a hit with viewers in the battle of the Christmas ads
Mog the Cat has been resurrected, after being killed off by author Judith Kerr in 2002.
Here, what is the best way to eat an egg?
Fried, boiled, scrambled or poached?
Some genius has discovered a scaldy (but super easy) way to cook an omelette
Gis that eggy goodness.
This Dublin man was forced to eat his full Irish with a scissors
And then you finally see the truth….
How to make the perfect fried egg rather than a brown crispy mess
Heat is the enemy of the egg.
Breakfast sushi is the food revelation you need in your life
Involves rashers AND Rice Krispies.
27 egg cooking secrets that will transform your mornings
Some of these tips are eggstraordinarily clever (sorry).
Here's why all the Leaving Certs are ranting about eggs
The first big scandal of exam season is here.
Here's What Happened Today: Wednesday
A little girl egged at a No campaign event, the death of Derek Davis and a train crash in Philadelphia had people talking today.