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Did Cormac from Tallafornia really buy five eggs per bloke per day?

This ends with a conspiracy only Jim Corr could get to the bottom of.

A SCENE FROM an episode of Tallafornia that aired in 2012 has been on a lot of people’s minds for the last five years.

It’s the iconic scene where Cormac and Nikita argue in the back of a taxi over the number of eggs that Cormac insists on buying.

Source: tvtallafornia/YouTube

On one hand, you can kinda see where Nikita’s coming from. At first glance that really is a lot of eggs.

Cormac smugly sits back and says “Break that down – it’s only five eggs per bloke per day”.

While she screams about the quantity of eggs and attempts to count them, he coolly states “One forty six”. Do we take his word for it?

eggs tallafornia Source: Tallafornia

I would advise you not to.

There are 8 packs of 18 eggs right there. After quickly running that through my phone’s calculator I found that there were in fact, only 144 eggs.

The figure Cormac provided is 2 eggs greater than the actual number of eggs present.

Was Cormac really shopping with the best interest of the four blokes in mind? Or was it all just smoke and mirrors to freak Nikita out over a large pile of eggs on the floor of a taxi?

I got in touch with a Harvard maths expert to find out just how many eggs per bloke per day were in that Tesco Value box

Kind of understandably, she didn’t want her budding academic career to be linked with an article about how many eggs were in a box on Tallafornia. So for that reason she will remain nameless.

Straight away, over Facebook Messenger, she began to crunch the numbers.

"It's in my head. I don't need a list"

144 eggs. Seven days if we assume this is a weekly shop. Five per day. How many blokes?

Five eggs x Seven days = 35

144 eggs ÷ 35 = 4.11 blokes

Cracked egg Source: DPA/PA Images

Cormac picked up enough eggs to provide 4.11 blokes with five per day.

A quick check confirms that there were four blokes on Tallafornia. Cormac himself, David Behan, Phil Penny and Jay Abbey. Who is the .11 of a bloke in the house that will get the remainder of the eggs? Let’s not worry about that.

Something more disturbing was revealed to me in the search for the truth.

The Harvard maths expert, who has been out of Ireland for some time and therefore out of touch with Tallafornia, asked me was this some kind of Rugrats reference.


“Rugrats reference?” I said.

She went on to explain to me that there’s currently a post on Tumblr that makes a joke about Stu accidentally ordering 144 eggs. See below.

stu1 Source: bjnovakdjokovic/Tumblr

stu2 Source: bjnovakdjokovic/Tumblr

There are also some quality memes of this scene:

144grosses1 Source: bjnovakdjokovic/Tumblr

144grosses2 Source: bjnovakdjokovic/Tumblr


googolplex1 Source: bjnovakdjokovic/Tumblr

googolplex2 Source: bjnovakdjokovic/Tumblr


1egg1 Source: bjnovakdjokovic/Tumblr

1egg2 Source: bjnovakdjokovic/Tumblr


The bigger question here is: why did Stu Pickles also buy five eggs per bloke per day? Who are his 4.11 blokes?

Unfortunately, I don’t think any Harvard maths expert can get to the bottom of this.  I think it’s time to call in Jim Corr.

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