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12 upsetting pictures for people with feelings about eggs

Egg hell.

Parmesan Scrambled Eggs - Arcadia AUD13.50 - photo by Julia Runny, gooey... awful Source: avlxyz

EGGS ARE A beloved dish served across Ireland – enjoyed all day long by an absolute rake of people.

But there is a silent minority out there who just hate them. They just can’t get their heads around the concept at all – and there is photographic evidence as to why:

1. Look at the egg here, dominating an otherwise lovely fry

Untitled Source: LunaMoth116

If it must be there, it should be away from the rest of it. Rules, people.

2. Look at this egg here – one of the runny ones that goes wherever it pleases

Poached egg - Sweetcorn Fritters - Jones the Grocer, Chadstone AUD9.50 Source: avlxyz

3. Or a similarly runny one mixed into the rest of your food

runnyegg Source: Twitter

4. Here, converging on the beans like that’s OK

Wetherspoons, Heathrow Terminal 4, London Source: Ewan-M

No, eggs.

5. That orange centre would strike fear into your heart

Fried Egg Source: Matthew Murdoch

6. Eggs have been known to ruin burgers as well as breakfasts

cheeseburger Source: stu_spivack

7. And people embed them right into bread for the craic

embedded Source: Twitter

8. Scotch eggs exist in this world and nothing is the way it seems

Prawn Scotch Eggs Source: fifikins

“Is there a way we can make eggs even more disgusting?”

“Yes, let’s wrap them in breadcrumbs and other sh*t and deep fry them!”

9. Devilled eggs and their odd shininess are not cool

Peel and Halve Source: alex.shultz

Yeah, imagine just taking a full bite out of that.

10. When scrambled eggs look more like mashed potatoes than eggs

#fullirish #irishsummer #lahinch #thecure @rachmccarthyx Source: beauspencerxx

11. Or when they are kind of pervading your meal with a reckless egginess

Scrambled Eggs with Tomato and Basil Source: Laurel Fan

12. And finally… omelettes are a thing and they look and taste rank

Cheese 'n chilli omlette Source: rovingI

No eggs, please.

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