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12 upsetting pictures for people with feelings about eggs

Egg hell.

Parmesan Scrambled Eggs - Arcadia AUD13.50 - photo by Julia Runny, gooey... awful avlxyz avlxyz

EGGS ARE A beloved dish served across Ireland – enjoyed all day long by an absolute rake of people.

But there is a silent minority out there who just hate them. They just can’t get their heads around the concept at all – and there is photographic evidence as to why:

1. Look at the egg here, dominating an otherwise lovely fry

Untitled LunaMoth116 LunaMoth116

If it must be there, it should be away from the rest of it. Rules, people.

2. Look at this egg here – one of the runny ones that goes wherever it pleases

Poached egg - Sweetcorn Fritters - Jones the Grocer, Chadstone AUD9.50 avlxyz avlxyz

3. Or a similarly runny one mixed into the rest of your food

runnyegg Twitter Twitter

4. Here, converging on the beans like that’s OK

Wetherspoons, Heathrow Terminal 4, London Ewan-M Ewan-M

No, eggs.

5. That orange centre would strike fear into your heart

Fried Egg Matthew Murdoch Matthew Murdoch

6. Eggs have been known to ruin burgers as well as breakfasts

cheeseburger stu_spivack stu_spivack

7. And people embed them right into bread for the craic

embedded Twitter Twitter

8. Scotch eggs exist in this world and nothing is the way it seems

Prawn Scotch Eggs fifikins fifikins

“Is there a way we can make eggs even more disgusting?”

“Yes, let’s wrap them in breadcrumbs and other sh*t and deep fry them!”

9. Devilled eggs and their odd shininess are not cool

Peel and Halve alex.shultz alex.shultz

Yeah, imagine just taking a full bite out of that.

10. When scrambled eggs look more like mashed potatoes than eggs

#fullirish #irishsummer #lahinch #thecure @rachmccarthyx beauspencerxx beauspencerxx

11. Or when they are kind of pervading your meal with a reckless egginess

Scrambled Eggs with Tomato and Basil Laurel Fan Laurel Fan

12. And finally… omelettes are a thing and they look and taste rank

Cheese 'n chilli omlette rovingI rovingI

No eggs, please.

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