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This lad throws eggs to his unsuspecting mam every day, and it's weirdly hilarious

Lesser women would have cracked by now. (Sorry.)

CONTINUING THE fine tradition of scaring your loved ones for internet kudos, this guy spent over a year chucking eggs to his poor mammy.

eggsatmam Source: YouTube

We say ‘to’ instead of ‘at’, because she managed to catch them almost EVERY TIME. That’s one way to one-up your shitebag of a son, eh?

eggmam Source: YouTube

The video was sent in to the UNILAD Facebook page, where it’s been shared a whopping 82,742 times so far.

Source: logen kosar/YouTube

That casual one-handed catch. This woman was a pro baseball player in a former life.

eggmam2 Source: YouTube

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