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This guy started a new job and got the most mortifying email from a jealous co-worker

Welcome to the office.

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THIS IS ONE way to welcome somebody to the office, anyway.

A man by the name of Alex posted to Reddit last night telling his story of office woe that has got the whole internet talking, as it’s an enthralling tale of soap opera and cringe.

He had started his job for just four weeks when he received this email from somebody “who has never spoke more than four words to me”:

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Oh. No.

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Not only has this story captured the internet’s imagination with its ridiculous office politics and potential for awkwardness – the original poster has since deleted the account and the images. This leaves more mystery attached to the story than previously thought.

How did it work out? Was there too much detail involved with names so Alex had to delete it? Everyone is just curious to see how this played out – but the mystery looks like it will never be solved or verified.

The top-voted response to Alex’s predicament was this sage advice:

email1 Source: Reddit

Probably for the best.

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