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Kim Kardashian just shared this Irish illustrator's drawing with her 48 million followers

Kimmy K loves Irish artists, dontcha know?

Ok Monday you be good to me & ill be good to you! #MondayBlues Source: Instagram/emmakennyillustrations

NOT EVERYONE CAN say they’ve managed to impress Kim Kardashian, but Dublin-based illustrator Emma Kenny can.

She woke up this morning to find that the reality TV star had shared one of her drawings with her 48.7 million Instagram followers – it’s garnered a whopping 568,000 likes so far:

I love these sketches @emmakennyillustrations Thank you! Source: Instagram/kimkardashian

I love these sketches @emmakennyillustrations! Thank you!

A delighted Kenny shared her surprise on Twitter this morning, saying her arms were “flailing everywhere”.

This isn’t the first time Kim K has shown a fondness for Irish illustrators – last year, she shared this sketch by Dublin illustrator Holly Shortall.

#CuteSketch #Vogue @hollywoulddublin Source: Instagram/kimkardashian

Soon after getting Kardashian’s blessing, Shortall scored a gig with Cosmopolitan, and Kenny tells Goss.ie that she’s already seeing increased interest in her illustrations:

I have received so many emails since Kim posted the illustration, it has definitely boosted business and I am so grateful for her support.

To see more of Kenny’s work, check out her Instagram. Who knows – with the way things are going, maybe Kim K will be professing her love for Tayto and Denny’s rashers next.

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