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what a trip

7 things you totally missed from last night's SAG awards

We see you Emma Stone.

IT’S NOT NOTED for being the most exciting of awards shows, but last night’s Screen Actors Guild awards still threw up some enjoyable nuggets.


Emma Stone totally tripping Naomi Watts

Look at her there, looking all surprised and contrite. We’re onto you, Stone.

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Farreller’s ronnie

Colin Farrell’s moustache was the king of the SAGs.


Andrea from Beverly Hills 90210 was sitting at Jennifer Aniston’s table

Gabrielle Carteris is the Executive Vice President of the Screen Actors Guild.


Maisie Williams met Emma Stone and couldn’t speak

Come one Arya! You’re made of stronger stuff than that!

Was that an applause track?

We think that was an applause track.

Reese Witherspoon covers perfectly.


Jared Leto and Lupita Nyongo

Are they doing it? We think they’re doing it.

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Viola Davis’ speech <3

She won for  How to Get Away With Murder and was radiant, as always.

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Colin Farrell’s moustache absolutely dominated the SAG awards>