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Emma Watson knows she needs help proofreading tattoos, and isn't afraid to ask

‘Fake tattoo proofreading position available.’

SO, ON SUNDAY, Emma Watson decided to use the Academy Awards as an opportunity to showcase a temporary tattoo she had placed on her right arm.

Source: Press Association

Having lent her voice to numerous campaigns in recent years, it was hardly surprising that the actress’s tattoo of choice had a socio-political angle.

What was surprising, however, was the fact that it also had a typo.

Source: Press Association

You see, Emma’s Time’sUp tattoo was missing an apostrophe – an error which people wasted no time highlighting on Twitter.

With the grammatical error making headlines numerous times yesterday, Emma decided to address the matter in a tweet which has amassed more than 76,000 times in just 13 hours.

Putting the call out about a proofreading position, the 27-year-old stressed the importance of knowing what to do with an apostrophe.

And people are here for it.

“I’ve got a permanent marker and a steady hand,” wrote one while another added: “Signing up for the most advanced grammar course I can find. I got you bae.”

Sure, she’s only laughing in that case.

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