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look at that thing

People are loving this new footage of Emma Watson and a ridiculous pre-CGI Beast


IT’S BEEN OVER two months since the new live-action Beauty and the Beast broke Irish box office records on its opening weekend.

But people are still intrigued by the production… namely, the Beast.

That curiosity peaked on Tuesday when a behind-the-scenes documentary came out – and it included shots of the Beast before the CGI was applied

DisneyFan365 / YouTube

Actor Dan Stevens was walking around set in this massive suit

thebeast Disney Disney

LOOK at him there, trying to move on the dancefloor in this ridiculous getup

thebeast2 Disney Disney

Fair play.

The footage has gone viral in the last 24 hours – and people had so many important questions

seriousface @FreddyAmazin @FreddyAmazin

Would be tough to take things seriously when staring across at that.

Also, this

The stilts, suit and weird hat thingy made his job so much harder

And as much as you might like the Beast, Dan Stevens is probably a better dance partner

stevens @itskepes @itskepes

Seeing the suit instead of the Beast definitely takes you out of the moment

It’s meme-worthy

seriousface2 @JarettSays @JarettSays

If a full movie with Stevens in a suit ever gets leaked we’d all watch it for the comedy

seriousface3 @albionscastle @albionscastle

The actor himself gives an insight into the challenges he faced on set with *that* suit.

His main complaint? His poor, poor calf muscles.

Worth it in the end.

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