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Meet the most famous actors who've never won an Emmy Award

They were robbed. ROBBED.

THE EMMY AWARDS – the Oscars of the US TV world – are upon us tonight, for yet another year.

It could be argued that we’re in a golden age of TV right now, and that therefore the Emmy Awards are more interesting than ever.

We’ll find out this evening who will take home what – but until then, let’s find out who NEVER took home ANYTHING.

George Clooney

Who can forget the dashing Clooney as Doug Ross in ER? Well, Emmy judges apparently. Despite being nominated twice, he never won. Despite all his awards since, that one HAS to rankle.

Source: © Vince Flores/AFF-USA.COM

Jerry Seinfeld

The gem behind the series never won an Emmy himself.

Just whisper “Serenity now!” to yourself, Jerry, and it’ll all be fine.

PEOPLE SEINFELD Source: AP/Press Association Images

Larry Hagman

J.R. Ewing never won an Emmy for his iconic role in Dallas. He’d be HOPPING mad.

Source: AP/Press Association Images

Jon Hamm

Mad Men has won a slew of Emmy Awards in its time – with none at all of them going to Don Draper. Ouch.

64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals - Los Angeles Source: © Lisa OConnor/AFF-USA.COM

Hugh Laurie

Despite being nominated for his role as Dr House six times, Laurie never got an Emmy. Diagnosis: pretty miffed, probably.

63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals - Los Angeles Source: Matt Sayles

Courteney Cox

The only actor from Friends who never even got a NOMINATION nod. Harsh. Way harsh.

(She didn’t get one for Cougar Town either but that’s more understandable.)

Entertainment - Charity - The Fire and Ice Ball - Los Angeles - 1997 Source: EMPICS Entertainment

Angela Lansbury

The TV stalwart never won an Emmy. Even after 15 nominations.

What gives?

KIPA/Tony Awards Source: KIPA/Press Association Images

 Steve Carell

Never won for his take on Michael Scott in the US Office. He was nominated six times – close, Steve, but no cigar.

The 80th Academy Awards - Press Room - Los Angeles Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

And finally …

The Wire

Zilch. ZERO wins. Seriously, Emmys?


Pssst … Stay tuned tomorrow for our round-up of the best of Emmy craic.

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