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Former emo kids have been sharing what they look like now and it's brilliant

All changed, changed utterly.

EMO KIDS OF the early noughties didn’t just disappear off the face of the earth, of course, as they grew up against all their instincts to become normal functioning adults.

So when a Reddit thread this week asked them what they are doing now, it developed into people posting then and now pictures with hilarious results.

Like this young punk

emo Source: Imgur

Is now a devoted family man

emo2 Source: Imgur

While this Redditor showed us her full development to rebellious to full adult in one collage

development Source: Imgur

Which she summed up as:

Emo. Goth. Emo. Emo. Marketing consultant.

There were brutally honest answers too:

I became an accountant.

And the contrast between then and now gave everyone a kick

emogirl Source: Reddit

Those early 00s emo kids

copy1 Source: Imgur

Are all now so different

copy2 Source: Imgur

But it’s nice to have that bite of nostalgia

upload1 Source: Imgur

Awww, look at him now

upload2 Source: Imgur

Look at the change

normie Source: Imgur

If only the younger selves could see them now

emokid Source: Imgur

They’d probably be delighted at how everything worked out just fine

emonow Source: Imgur


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