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15 feelings every woman has on a trip to the hairdresser

Put yourself through the emotional wringer! Because you’re worth it.

GETTING YO HURR did at the salon is one of the most stressful experiences in the life of any woman.

So much is tied up in those precious few hours – will our appearance be enhanced, or destroyed?

Half of the emotions women feel in the hairdressers are due to not having a clue what’s going on.

Hairdressers know exactly how to get our desired end look, we’re just sitting there watching them do it. And freaking out.

Arriving at the hairdressers: Hope

Time for my appointment. I’ve got a picture of Cheryl Cole/Beyoncé/Jennifer Aniston. I’m going to come out of the hairdressers just like this and my life will be vastly improved.

tumblr_mp2nca8njg1s72w3so1_500 Source: Tumblr

5 mins in: Slight fear

I want just ONE INCH off the bottom, and some bay-lee-ayge. Balayage? Balayage. What if it doesn’t come out exactly how I want it to? Am I better off just leaving it? Guide me, hair guru.

giphy Source: Giphy

10 mins in: Confusion

What are they saying? It’s all hairdresser speak. Just nod and smile. They know what you want. You have pictures, sure.

post-Mila-Kunis-smile-and-nod-gif-Px7M Source: Pandawhale

15 mins in: Calm

I’ve got a stack of gossip magazines, some tea, and the will to be beautiful. Let us begin.

magazineshair Source: Flickr/Laura D'Alessandro

25 mins in: Contentedness

Just getting foul-smelling goo plastered all over my head. Foul-smelling goo that will make me lovely.

haircolouring Source: Shutterstock

40 mins in: Major panic


tumblr_lqbywgTyal1qgegaso1_500 Source: Tumblr

1 hr in: Relief

Oh, they’re putting toner in it. OK. I can live with this.

phew-gif Source: Dailybruin

1 hr 20 mins in: Relaxation

Gentle hair wash followed by a head massage in the big Shiatsu chair? Don’t mind if I do.

princess Source: Shutterstock

1 hr 40 mins in: Satisfaction

Time for the cut. Look at those split ends just fly away. This is SUCH a treat.


1 hr 50 mins in: Slight panic

What are they doing back there? This is getting far too short for my liking.

téléchargement Source: Gifize

2 hrs 20 mins in: Boredom

I’ve been under this hair dryer for 84 years now. I don’t care if my hair is orange any more. It’s all OK. I’ll just go home.

hairdryer Source: Flickr/Luca Volpi

2 hrs 40 mins in: More panic

I asked for a blow dry with volume, I know. But there is so much volume.

bigbighair Source: Big Pond Movies

3 hrs in: Desperation

I need to get out of here. Do I want serum in my hair? Yes. Do I want some hairspray? Yes, yes of course. Anything. Just let me be finished.

tumblr_m51y5em2c31qhfc59o1_500 Source: Tumblr

Immediately after leaving the hairdressers: Disorientation

The sunshine stings my eyes after hours inside. My head feels lighter, there are itchy hairs stuck in my top – what is all this?

tumblr_mskfzm83v91rzxmmno1_500 Source: Tumblr

10 mins after leaving: Joy

I’m out! And I have lovely HAAAIIIRRR!!!


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