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The 12 emotional stages of the 12 Pubs of Christmas

It’s tough out there.

THE TWELVE PUBS of Christmas can be tough going. It’s emotional.

Here’s what you can expect to… expect.

1. Apathy

Meh. You’re doing a 12 pubs, it’s not the first thing you’d choose to do today but you’ll give it a good go. What could possibly go wrong?


2. Apprehension

Oh wait, a lot could go wrong. Are you really going to be able for 12 drinks in a row?


3. Excitement

Yeah you are! In fact, you might even have a 13th, a nightcap.


4. Optimism

This gonna be the CRAIC. Pints, stupid jumpers, Christmassy cheer.


5. Disappointment

Yeah it’s pub three and there’s already a strange overtone of boredom. What now?


6. Joy

The games begin and everyone surprisingly becomes more exciting. Wonder how.


7. Hanger (Hungry Anger)

You’re seven pints and five hours in but haven’t seen a scrap of food. Ease this emotion with a kebab.


8. Lethargy

Now with a bit of food it you it’s time for a nap. But the 12 pubs waits for no man or woman. On to the next one with you.


9. Enthusiasm

Oh, the second wind. And at a very welcome time, indeed.


10. Existentialism

What is the meaning of it all? Was it all for this? Whose round is it?


11. Exhaustion

Pub 12 comes with a mixture of elation and exhaustion, but we’re just gonna throw it to exhaustion because you know that’s what’s up.


12. Regret

We always say, never have regrets. Except when it’s the morning after the 12 pubs.


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