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Eoghan McDermott just handed Michael O'Doherty's arse to him on Twitter

He’s written an open letter to the VIP publisher.

RTÉ PRESENTER EOGHAN McDermott comes in for a fair bit of good-natured stick, most recently from Republic of Telly over his notable hairstyle.

Yesterday, magazine publisher (the likes of VIP, Stellar and formerly Kiss) and newspaper columnist Michael O’Doherty got McDermott in his sights, penning a three paragraph piece for the Independent and the Herald headlined:


O’Doherty goes on to mention McDermott’s “slightly hysterical presenting style” and his “fondness for disclosing the minutiae of his life on social media” (Eoghan is famously friends with One Direction and Mullingar Massive member Niall Horan, as well as Laura Whitmore).

Well, McDermott isn’t taking it lying down…


McDermott has taken O’Doherty to task on the hypocrisy of accusing Whitmore of not being a celebrity, when the latest issue of VIP has 18 pages of pictures from Glenda Gilson’s wedding.

He’s also not happy with the assertion that he plasters his social life all over social media, detailing that of his last 400 tweets, about seven or eight of them are related to his social life (Hi Niall).

eogh Source: @EoghanMcDermo

McDermott then proceeds to throw O’Doherty completely under the bus by detailing a meeting in a bar last year when O’Doherty apologised for a previous snarkfest article.

Finally, he promised to call O’Doherty a “gobshite of the highest order” when they next meet.

We eagerly await Michael O’Doherty’s next column, which we’re hoping will be a 30,000 word comparative analysis of Eoghan McDermott’s tweets, complete with Niall Horan cross references and a Whitmore appendix.

What a time to be alive.

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