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13 most important moments from the second Eurovision semi-final

Calm down Israel. Calm down.

WELL, WE DIDN’T make it through to Saturday’s Eurovision. The nation is stunned.


Molly Sterling did us proud though, and her performance was definitely the least bonkers of the second semi-final.

We’ve rounded up some of the most vital moments you might have missed…


Fabulous as always, she opened the show standing in front of the Irish crew. Because we’re the best, you see.

They should just get her to present everything. She’s great pals with Graham Norton too you know? The dream.


Here’s a bonus pic of our Molly with Conchita, the lucky swine.

molly Source: Lisi Niesner

The Lithuanian gob lobbing

This pair are going for the sexy vote. As are the girls behind them.


And as if the kissing wasn’t enough from Lithuania

Ireland’s performance

Watch Molly at the end. She was just SO happy to be there.

Source: Eurovision Song Contest/YouTube

This fair point about Ireland’s lyrics

The San Marino rap

This is the Eurovision, not the club. Check yourself.

Marty’s patronising Malta shade

“Oh they’d LOVE to win”

“They’ve NEVER won before”

“Ah the poor pets, STATE of them”

(Okay, maybe he didn’t say that last one. But he definitely implied it)

The Portuguese looky-likey


Was she channeling Carly?

Or the Winks?

The Czech Republic lady firing her shoes across the stage

It was probably planned, but we’d like to think it was simply because her bunions were killing her.


She and her co-singer were giving each other the glad eye too.

The Israeli singer’s shoes

Yes, they’re gold and have wings on them. Hello 2002.

Slovenia’s headphones

Jog on, love.


The wonderful awkward voting montage

The genius people in Vienna put together an excruciating history of those interminable Eurovision voting moments down through the years.

“Hello Germany, can you hear me”

“No, I can’t here you, can you hear me?”

etc etc

Marty’s United Kingdom shade

The pair with the UK entry (who had already pre-qualified) were brought on stage to boast about how much they were looking forward to Saturday’s final. Marty cut them off before they had even finished.

The 12 most important moments from the first Eurovision semi-final

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