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10 people who truly show you what a hero is

We salute you.

1. The pie hero

One man. One bratty child. One heroic move.


According to Eater.com:

After waiting in line in front of a careless mother and her screaming small child, a man who was having a bad day (and a headache) decided to ruin that family’s day. The child was screaming ‘I want f**king pie’ so the man bought up every last pie – all 23 of them – and walked out of Burger King.

2. The pizza hero

She had the bravery when nobody else did.

A true American hero - Imgur Source: Imgur

Slapped her with a piece of pizza.

3. The beer hero

One man. One kiss. One annoying woman’s face.

A true american hero - Imgur Source: Imgur

4. The gold medal hero

Never let them take your dreams from you.

a true australian hero - Imgur Source: Imgur

5. The Facebook hero

We all need him in our lives. We just don’t know it yet.

A real everyday hero - Imgur

6. The watermelon hero

One moment in time.

7. The radio hero

Actual tears of pride.

My Hero! - Imgur Source: Imgur

9. The gaming hero

Doing only what others dream of. 


10. The goat hero

There are actually two heroes here. The goat, and the man he respects.

goat Source: Metro

The goat was eventually rescued when the aforementioned respected owner came home and safely removed him from the roof.

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