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9 everyday problems that should have been solved by 2016

Zips, yoghurt, Horizon box… take note.

1. iPhone cables

Too short, too fragile. Too many broken hearts.

cable Source: imgur

2. Zips that won’t zip

We live in a civilised 21st century society. Can’t we put on a dress or a coat without becoming incandescent with rage over a stuck zip?

3. Complicated microwave instructions

Please, we just need a soup button, a chops button, and an everything else button. Please.

soup Source: flickr/dereksemmler

4. The UPC/Virgin Media Horizon box

Designed by Satan himself.

5. Muffins sticking to the wrapper

Having to grate most of your muffin off the paper like some kind of animal. Was it for this?…

muff Source: busybuthealthy.com

6. Pistachio nuts that won’t open

Why indeed?

7. Trying to insert USB connectors correctly first time

If you manage to slot it in perfectly on the first go then you are clearly a witch.


8. Getting splattered with yoghurt when you open the lid

Such a bittersweet moment: delicious yoghurt, yet your face/top/dignity is spattered. Why yoghurt? Why?

This is, of course, the dream scenario:


9. Mercy, please


two Source: reddit

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