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10 things that nobody, NOBODY is good at

NEVER FEAR, YOU are not alone in your uselessness.

 1. Keeping basil plants alive

2. Talking to anyone in a lift

Even if that person is a friend, once the doors close the awkward doom descends.

lizlemonlift Thejournal Thejournal

3. Parallel parking when anyone’s watching


4. Folding a pop-up tent


5. Fitting a sleeping bag back into its little pouch


6. Or an air mattress back into its box

Important lesson about life: No matter how hard you will try, you will fail at this. - Imgur Imgur Imgur

7. Dealing with unfamiliar blinds

Real life struggles - Imgur Imgur Imgur

8. Putting Ikea furniture together

everytime I try to build an IKEA furniture - Imgur Imgur Imgur

9. Singing the high note in Loving You

krizalid25 / YouTube

BM-AG-2 Googleusercontent Googleusercontent

10. Putting a USB key in right the first time

USB proof of the 4th dimension - Imgur SBMC Comics SBMC Comics

Ps If you have a burning need to tell us how good you are at one or more of these things… we have this message for you…

dPzC1o6 Imgur Imgur

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