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13 signs you're an expert Lidl-or-Aldi shopper

The grandmaster of the fruit and veg aisle.

1. You have a practised eye for the best cardboard box to put your shopping in

Source: James Horan/Photocall Ireland

2. You feel the secret thrill of the mystery bin

And know what day of the week to go in to get first pick of the specials.

Source: Lidl

3. You know that it’s physically impossible to only buy one thing

4. But also, the pain of impulse-buying too much ‘to save in the long run’… and having to carry it home.

Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

5. You have bought presents there for people you love

Source: Imgur

6. You’ve attained Grandmaster level at matching odd-sounding products to their brand-name equivalents

Source: lucyrfisher

7. You know which queue moves quickest

And have internally rated all the cashiers’ levels of expertise. “I’ll stand here, the dark-haired one is dead fast.”

Source: avlxyz

8. You have developed a serious addiction to at least one brand of chocolate you’d never previously heard of

Source: Flickr

9. You know that not EVERY special offer is a good special offer

Source: Imgur

10. But some are just… very special indeed

Source: Paul O'Hara/Twitter

11. You are aware that most of the wine descriptions would also fit the perfect man

Source: Imgur

12. You have known the confusion of trying to stack your groceries as the cashier fires them through at 100mph

Source: the Italian voice

13. So now you take your shopping over to the special shelf at the front, to pack at your leisure while making this face:

Source: Gifsoup

Congratulations! You have attained Expert Lidl or Aldi Shopper status.

Now go, eat cheap groceries.

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