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18 hilariously disturbing Irish Snapchat faceswaps

So disturbing.

Irish people are having the absolute craic with it.


1. TFW you switch with your da

2. Oh my GOD

3. Sometimes it can work out quite good

4. Or simply amazing

5. It’s not for everyone

6. The doll, the DOLL

7. You can become the footballer of your dreams

8. Or your popstar bae

9. Everyone needs to swap with Marty at least once

10. Monobrows are surprisingly common


Accidental ones, of course.

11. You can become a body coach


12. Or just your little bro…


13. How about this purveyor of nightmares?

14. GAH

15. Even politicans can make it work

Cceh_7jW4AArpi1 Source: Dailyedge.ie

16. Dunno, this is happening for us


17. LEO


18. Then there’s this


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