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16 times old people just didn’t get Facebook


SOCIAL MEDIA PROVIDES us all with unintended comedy every single day – and Facebook is often the main breeding ground for such brilliance.

So, with thanks to this excellent subreddit, we’ve collected the most adorably hilarious times that older folk didn’t quite get how it all works:

1. Thanks, Bill

wx0X7Fk Source: Imgur

2. Coming soon to a theatre near you

McRY3NO Source: Imgur

3. Mary and Josephine having it out

Found on my friend's grandma's wall Source: Imgur

4. #shoppin

ATu8RC9 Source: Imgur

5. We agree, yellow mustard sandwiches are delicious

0yAGl8a Source: Imgur

6. Gichael, please

muVOWY3 Source: Imgur

7. Nobody is a winner here

51119fe353127 Source: Happyplace

8. Please, order corn

icLuHAu Source: Imgur

9. “Too easy for what?”

SlrKML1 Source: Imgur

10. We’re worried about both parties here

Ufud9D8 Source: Imgur

11. The perils of the unintended tag

mBSJfBG Source: Imgur

12. Read from the bottom up for the full effect

gfJEi17 Source: Imgur

This is just too cute.

13. A simple request. Publicly. On Facebook

8j7proM Source: Imgur


14. This is just bragging, you’re on a resale page

Grandpa has it all! Source: Imgur

15. Do my duties, Facebook robot!

QN6FWy5 Source: Imgur

16. And finally, this beautiful status for the ages

Grandpa wants to log in to Facebook Source: Imgur

Bless them. Bless them all. We love you guys so much.

Hat-tip to the epic Old People Facebook section of Reddit. 

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