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This girl's parents expertly recreated her Facebook selfies to mortify her

When your mam and dad want to embarrass you, they’ll find a way.

EMILY MUSSON IS a US teenager that has gone super viral this week – and it’s all thanks to her mam and dad.

Emily put up a few photos of her and her boyfriend Johnny on Facebook on Tuesday. Look at them there, looking all cute:

fbgirl1 Source: Twitter

But she didn’t prepare herself for some epic piss taking from her very own parents.

So, in a genius move, her mam and dad decided to perfectly parody the photos and posted them to her Facebook wall. And they absolutely nailed them:

fbgirl2 Source: Twitter

Spot on

nailedit Source: Twitter

Emily put the gas photos on Twitter on Tuesday and it’s since blown up with nearly 40,000 retweets.

She has since said that it’s not even that funny:

Everyone disagrees, Emily.

Your parents nailed it.

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