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Here's what your Facebook 'About' section says about you

You don’t live in Ibiza. Calm down.

IT’S OFTEN OVERLOOKED in favour of profile pictures and status updates, but Facebook’s ‘About Me’ section (where you can find someone’s birthday, hometown, and occupation, amongst other things) is just as important.

The little grey box speaks volumes. Watch and learn.

‘Lives in: Ibiza’

roflbot (23) Source: Flickr/sexton

Spiritually, this person never truly came back from the ‘legendary’ lads’ holiday of 2012. Actually lives in Lucan.

‘Works at: Full Time Mad Bastard’

zGoJzoH Source: Imgur

The secret here is this person is really a part-time Mad Bastard. The other half of the week he works in Supervalu and plays FIFA.

‘Educated at: The School of Hard Knocks’

giphy Source: Giphy

They’ve been through some tough times, but they’re still here. Like that time their so-called friend posted a vague, passive-aggressive status that they just know was about them. Hard knocks, lads.

‘Works at: Dutch Gold/Karpackie/Smirnoff’

karpackie-premium Source: BringerExport

Just speculating here, but this person may enjoy the odd drink? Don’t quote us on that, though.

‘Lives in: Bum, Azerbaijan/Anus, France’

anus Source: Google Maps

This person has a highly refined sense of humour which they express through LadBible shares and Family Guy quotes. Banter is love, banter is life.

‘Works at: Dunder Mifflin’

Season-5-Promo-Photos-the-office-2136162-2200-1466 Source: Fanpop

They thought it was a gas way to show their love for a film or TV programme. Everyone else just hopes they’re doing OK.

‘Educated at: The University of Life’

university-of-life Source: Wonkyplanet

They’ve been around the block. They know what life’s about. They will always comment ‘U OK hun? x’ on a vague status.

‘Works at: Being a full-time mammy x’

pic_baby_mess Source: Wordpress

Full time poster of baby pictures and detailed accounts of pooing and snotting, more like.

‘Ask to see info’


Woah, mysterious. What’s this person hiding?

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