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This girl's Facebook faux pas is the stuff of literal nightmares

A lesson for creepers everywhere.

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WE’RE ALL GUILTY of creeping on Facebook from time to time.

Whether you’re casually stalking someone you fancy or looking through a friend of a friend of a friend’s photos from her holidays in Barcelona, it’s all part and parcel of Facebook.

As with everything, there are risks when it comes to creeping — accidentally liking an ancient photo, for instance.

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This gal might have just committed the ultimate Facebook faux pas, though.

Warning: this might induce second-hand fear.

Yesterday, Reddit user fckasshared the following story on the TIFU (‘Today I F**ked Up’) subreddit.

Today, well early AM, I fucked up and got super wasted and tried to search for my bf’s ex on fb…

Yep, been there.

… but when I typed in her name, nothing came up. I searched over and over and nothing.

Huh, that’s weird.

This evening, I see that I had posted her name all over my wall. Kill me.

giphy (2) Source: ariangrande/Tumblr




Oh, and it gets better…

boyf Source: Reddit

*emigrates and changes name*

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