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7 uses Irish people have for a Facebook 'dislike' button
Let ‘em know. Let ‘em all know.

PEOPLE HAVE LONG called for a ‘dislike’ button on Facebook, and now it seems like we’re getting one. Kind of.

Zuckerberg Donation AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

In a Q&A session last night, founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook developers have been working on a ‘dislike’ button of sorts - the idea is that you would click on it to show empathy for posts that contained news of things like natural disasters, or loved ones dying.

But we still say an actual ‘dislike’ button is needed, and here’s where it would apply.

1. Any time anyone writes “It’d be rude not to!!” accompanied by a picture of a pint

About to take down my first ever pint of Guinness in the most Irish pub I could find in Belfast! #belfast #ireland #guinness #firsteverguinness #specialmoment #dukeofyork Instagram / bish______ Instagram / bish______ / bish______

Rude to who? Rude to WHO? Explain yourself.

2. When that lad you know from secondary school posts a racist/homophobic/sexist meme

giphy Giphy Giphy

Look at your life, Deano Who I Briefly Hung Out With In 5th Year. Look at your choices.

3. When someone posts “How’s the weather at home?” with their deliciously sunny holiday snap

Bom dia!!!! Morning!!! #morgen alle!!!! #Brazil #praiadoforte #Floripa #magicisland #beautiful day out there! #obrigadoDEUS #dareTOBEdifferent Instagram / von_der_liebl Instagram / von_der_liebl / von_der_liebl

You know how it is, you smug eejit.

4. When your mam/aunt/colleague shares one of these


Stop yer scaremongering, Auntie Mary.

5. Whenever someone is blatantly trying to stir the sh*t

NDcNZrv Imgur Imgur

Be it a poorly thought-out political rant, a vague status, or simply a well-timed ‘:(‘ there simply must be a way to let these people know: “We’re on to you.”

6. When the “NEVER. DRINKING. AGAIN” statuses appear on Sunday morning

Actually feeling like an extra large bag of smashed dicks #sohungover #sohungry #somebodysaveme #deathseemslikeabetteroption #cleavageonpointtho Instagram / nataliee_amelia Instagram / nataliee_amelia / nataliee_amelia

Dislike! You said that last week. These things are easily researched.

7. When someone continuously posts their scores in Facebook games


You don’t have to do this. There IS a better way!

These are just seven of many. We’re SURE you can think of loads more – tell us. 

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