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Security at Dundrum Town Centre asked a gay couple who were kissing to leave the premises. Infomatique via Flickr
Gay Kiss

Facebook furore after Dundrum asks gay kissers to leave centre

Volunteers with a gay radio station were told it was “policy” not to allow gay kisses.

AN ONLINE STORM is brewing after two gay men were asked to leave Dundrum Town Centre by security staff who said it was “policy” not to allow gay kisses on the premises.

Two volunteers with the non-profit radio station OpenFM, which has just finished a month-long broadcast, were kissing when they were approached by security and asked to leave the centre.

The staff told the couple there were “young kids walking around” and asked them to leave the premises. When one asked whether they would have been asked to leave if they were straight, he was told it was “policy”.

The station shared the news on its Facebook page and prompted a torrent of angry replies from its fans. A group has since been set up in solidarity with the couple.

“That can’t be let go. I’m actually livid”, said one, while another commented:  ”This country turns a blind eye to priests abusing children hidden behind closed doors, yet a man kisses another in public and all hell breaks loose…”

Many users said they had contacted the Centre to complain, while others suggested contacting the Equality Authority to seek redress.

Other users suggested holding a scheduled gay kissing ‘flashmob’ to highlight the issue.

Ironically, the centre’s own Facebook page currently celebrates the engagement of a staff member in the MAO cafe, whose boyfriend proposed to her on the premises yesterday – the same day the gay couple were asked to leave.