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# Thumbs Down
Facebook needs to get rid of that ridiculous blue thumb, right now

BETWEEN CAREFULLY-crafted, vague status updates, deep stalking, and accidental likes, Facebook has created a whole new minefield of social awkwardness.

But there’s one thing that’s destroying relationships and mortifying people like no other: This guy.

fc,550x550,white.u1 RedBubble RedBubble

Did you just shiver? That’s because you know all about the Accidental Facebook Messenger Thumb Of Doom (our personal name for it).

It’s positioned in just about the worst place ever

fbthumb Facebook Facebook

Right there, just where your thumb might rest, near the letters O and P. Right-handed people are in particular danger of jabbing at it when they’re typing in a hurry.

It gets you at the WORST times

Your friend: “My cat just died.”


fbmessender Facebook Facebook

It just reeks of sarcasm

giphy Giphy Giphy

If you had to illustrate the phrase ‘cool story bro’, you would use this blue thumb. You don’t feel that way, but how’s the other person to know?

And we have to ask, has anyone ever sent it on purpose?


Anytime we’ve ever seen it, it has been accompanied with a flurry of apologies. No one asked for this blue thumb, and nobody wants this blue thumb.

So Facebook, please reconsider. You are ruining our LIVES.


Bobbin, gogo or bobble – what do YOU call a hair tie?>

People with tricky Irish names related hard to Catastrophe last night>

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