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inbox of doom

Are these horrors awaiting you in your Facebook "Other" inbox?

It’s scarier than a horror movie in there.

DID YOU KNOW that your Facebook has two inboxes?

A lot of people don’t. There is one inbox, the main one you know and use, that receives messages from your Facebook friends.

Then there’s the Other inbox. See?

Anyone who is not friends with you and sends you a message? Their message winds up in there.

Which is basically like it landing straight into the bin, because you don’t receive message notifications for the Other inbox.

As a lot of people don’t know about the Other inbox’s existence, these earnest messages are being flung down into an abyss. Messages can languish there for months – unread.

Let’s take a look at the festering nuggets awaiting you in your Facebook black hole.

1. The creepers

You know the ones. The ones who are, essentially, looking for a little lovin’.

Charming. Utterly charming.

2. The randomers

You told someone to add you while you were out one night. “Yeah, sure!” you cried giddily, throwing caution to the wind, sucking on your pint. “Find me on Facebook!”

Turns out they sent you a message about 3 months ago – and it will definitely give you a late-onset case of The Fear. Who the HELL ARE THEY?

3. The spammers

From a page you liked about a million years ago, still plugging away. Constantly sending you unheeded missives, shouting them into the wind forever.

4. The actually helpful information that is now utterly useless

That piece of information you needed about 18 months ago?

Yep. It’s there. Useless, now, of course. And way too embarrassingly late to reply. Fire it into space.

5. The confused family members

Ah, God love them. They haven’t a breeze what they’re at.

You can just go ahead and pretend you never got that one. We won’t tell your Mam.

Go on – uncover the stone that is your Facebook Other inbox and reveal the woodlice beneath. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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