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10 facts about boobs everyone should know

The gals.

1. The average cup size in Ireland is a 34C

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A study from Debenham’s found that the average cup size in Ireland is a 34C. In Scotland, the average cup size is a 34DD, while English women typically measure in at 34C.

And just to provide a quick refresher on bra sizes: the number refers to the band going around your back and the letter refers to the size of the breast itself. For example, a 36B means you have a 36-inch back with a B cup.

2. But you can get an N cup bra, if you look hard enough

lcup Source: Bravissimo

Lingerie retailer Bravissimo and plus size clothes manufacturer Simply Be both stock L cup bras, while Big Girl Bras’ cup sizes go up to N.

So now.

3. The left boob is probably bigger than the right boob

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Much like Left Shark, the left boob is the real star of the show.

A 2005 study found that, in 62% of cases, the left breast was larger than the right.

Another study also found that perfectly symmetrical breasts basically aren’t a thing. That study found that just one participant out of 504 had symmetrical boobs.

4. There are actually four different types of nipples

J9zp8DQ Source: Reddit

Not every nipple is the same. Far from, in fact.

Nipples can be split into four different categories — normal, flat, puffy and inverted. According to Jezebel, a normal nipple is a nipple that protrudes a few millimetres out in its usual state and gets bigger upon arousal.

Flat or puffy nipples are, well, flat and don’t protrude unless they are aroused. An inverted nipple, meanwhile, occurs when a nipple goes inward instead of outward.

5. Nipple hair is completely normal


Women don’t really talk about it, but a few stray hairs around the nipple area is totally normal.

In fact, doctors estimate that about 30% of women have hair in the region, although that figure could actually be much higher given people’s reluctance to discuss it. You may have anywhere between 2 and 15 hairs there at any given time without there being major cause for concern.

In terms of how to get rid of them, people are divided between tweezing and shaving. Whatever you do: don’t use depilatory cream to get rid of them. Your boobs will not thank you.

(As ever, you know your body best and if you notice a sudden growth of hairs, a visit to the doctor won’t do you any harm.)

6. Yes, some women can achieve orgasm from nipple stimulation alone

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Yes, some women report being able to experience a “nipple orgasm”. Women describe them as being “ sharper and shorter” than regular orgasms, but nonetheless “powerful”.

Scientists have investigated the phenomenon and found that nipple stimulation activates a part of your brain called the “genital sensory cortex”, meaning that some women may process genital stimulation and nipple stimulation in the same way.


7. The owner of the largest natural boobs in the world has a 48V bust

fVeOa Source: Reddit

A woman named Annie Hawkins holds the world record for the largest natural boobs. Her breasts are the equivalent of a 48V cup size, although she reportedly wears a 52I.


8. The way you sleep can change the shape of your boobs

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If you sleep on your stomach or on your side, it can distort the shape of your boobs or cause sagging.

Apparently the optimum sleeping position is on your back as the weight of your boobs is fully supported.

Now you know.

9. Is it true that the size of your boobs can change depending what time of the month it is?

Bath bomb at the ready... Looks like a glittery boobie Source: madamflutterby04

Yes, several factors can influence the size of your boobs.

For example, boobs can get bigger during, ahem, sexy time or during certain times of your menstrual cycle.

Similarly, the pill or certain types of medication can change the size or shape.

10. What about men? What do they prefer?

brisket hash! Source: iamangelaplease

Not unsurprisingly, there is no one-size-fits-all answer regarding men’s preferences when it comes to boobs.

A study in France sent women to sit alone in a café found that women with bigger breasts were approached more often by men. Similarly, New Zealand researchers discovered that women with larger breasts were more likely to attract and hold men’s attention.

giphy (5) Source: Reddit

Other studies have found that men’s economic background can influence men’s tastes and preferences — richer men were more likely to favour small boobs, while poor or middle-class men were more likely to prefer larger boobs.

In general, though, most men probably feel like this…

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