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12 facts of life for all skint people

It’s that time of the month again…

IT’S THE LAST week in November (gasp) and many of us are starting to feel the chill, money-wise.

No doubt you’ve experienced at least one of these things by now.

‘Dinner’ is an interesting concept in theory

I will lose 3lb this week #breakfast #slimmingworld #sw #beansontoast #bakedbeans #wholemealtoast Source: Instagram/hay_yah88_sw

In practice, however…

And the rounds system? Pure evil

When assignments have you a broken woman and you turn to the drink. #Pints #CantCope #MidWeekMotivation #MyFriendsGetIt Source: Instagram/janeymc1992

Let us have our one measly pint in peace!

You can spot a yellow discount sticker from a mile away

This is how we do #tesco #livelikeaking #reducedfood #menopayfullprice #tescoreduced #cheaper #bargains #foodshopping #bread #prawns #sausages #pittabread #carrots #yellostickers #winnall #winchester Source: Instagram/sirlarbells

Two for one on sliced ham, you say? Tonight, we dine like kings.

And being able to buy brand name products seems like the ultimate luxury

*sadly places Special Flakes in basket*

Texts like these are INCREDIBLY rude


Putting your card in an ATM is a real guessing game

5QbkBGz Source: Imgur

Are we going to get cash or a scolding?

And checking your account is best approached with caution

f6e842e893093277a8be5686e8459fa1 Source: Pinterest

You need to psych yourself up at least an hour or two before the event, and most certainly be sitting comfortably. Maybe have a few friends around for support. Every little helps.

Whenever your parents come to visit, you’re like

giphy Source: Giphy

Dropping hints all over the gaff. “There’s this really nice place in town that does a great dinner, I’ve heard, if ye want to get something before heading back…”

Nights out are like an obstacle course

CUDwxAJUAAEpYgQ Source: Twitter/@IPeeleThat

You’d leave your card at home, but what if there’s an emergency?

…Like, say if you needed more shots?

When payday hits, you promise you’ll attend to your responsibilities, and then begin a new frugal life

large Source: Giphy

…But the lure of TREAT YO’ SELF is so strong

fineleathergoods Source: crazytownblog

What about your ASOS Saved page? That can’t be ignored!

And then we’re back to square one for the rest of the month

giphy Source: Giphy

Anyone for beans on toast?

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