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An ode to Fair City, Ireland's longest-running (and most reviled) soap

The soap turns 25 this week. Let’s give it a break, for once.

FAIR CITY, IRELAND’s longest-running soap, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week.

Yep, it gets a lot of stick, but its fans are legion (the 18,000 people who like this active Fair City Fans Facebook page will attest to that).

Dear Fair City: We’re hard on you. But we have to give you some credit. You’re still here.

First things first – you’re wildly unrealistic

How can people ‘leave Carrigstown’ after huge life events, then come back and never say anything about it again?

Why does such a small area have such a high crime rate? How is this?

I just saw this photo from tonight's episode ... Some of your typical Carrigstown crime Source: Fair City Fans

But you have also tackled some ‘big issues’ in Ireland

Domestic abuse, incest, rape – just some of the things that have been covered by the soap over its run.

Image Ref. No. 2072/032 Source: Fair City Fans

Fair City has also had some massive firsts – like the gay kiss between Eoghan and Liam in 1996, the first of its kind on Irish television.

Your theme tune is a thing of beauty

It’s had a reinvention as of late, but we’re talking about the theme tune at its 90s/early 00s best.

Source: faircityfan/YouTube

Oh. Yes.

You can really pull in the star power

maevebinchy There's Maeve, and her husband Gordon Snell.

Fair City’s guest stars have been weird and wonderful. Maeve Binchy appeared at a fundraiser for Bob Charles. Marty Whelan quietly had some grub in McCoy’s. Shane McGowan turned up to a concert in the city.

Don’t question it. Just accept it.

The acting is famously patchy

It’s as if a scene cannot peacefully pass without some character or another chewing the curtains.

SPOILER: Next week, Niamh finds out the truth ... Did anybody order some ham? Source: Fair City Fans

But can you look anyone in the eye and say it’s worse than some of what you see on Eastenders or Emmerdale?

And some of the characters have been there for donkey’s years

faircitycharacters Source: RTÉ

Paul Brennan. Charlie Kelly. Yvonne Doyle. May they live for ever and ever.

So here’s to another 25 years

Source: MAD4DS/YouTube

Yes, really. Because if Fair City can make it to 25, it sure as hell can make it to 50. Godspeed.

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