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# Faking it
12 of the dodgiest fake designer goods ever
Fake it until you make it. Or at least laugh at this lot.

THIS WEEK IT was announced that New York officials want to make buying counterfeit handbags illegal.

Concerns over the number of fake designer goods bought in the city are leading to a planned crackdown.

There are arguments for why buying fake designer things is wrong on a number of  levels… and then there are the real disasters.

You may want to hide those fake Nikes while you read this.

1. This slightly amateurish attempt at a Louis Vuitton purse

NYC Girl Sw@gg / Tumblr

2. This admittedly inspired take on having your own Chanel bag

DreamingBig.. / Tumblr

3. This meme-tastic fake Adidas jacket

Image via MemeCenter

4. This horrific attempt at knockoff of big brand Coach

Image via

5. The new logo from well known brand Dolce and Gabanna

Maybe we were meant to be calling them Dio and Gomez all along.

Image via ToujoursChic

6. These slightly mixed up would-be Converse trainers

Image via DailyKimChi

7. The always questionable t-shirts etc sold outside big concerts

Mark Stedman / Photocall Ireland

8. This amazing new rival to the Playstation

Image via

9. This accidentally hilarious Puma rip-off

Image via Desicolours

10. The new four-stripe version of Adidas

Image via MyFunnyWorld

11.  These hideous Nike Air Jordans with added high-heels

ar99Jackson / Tumblr

12. The “funny for about five seconds” Puma spoofs

Image via Cheezburger

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