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This lad hired a fake family to prank his relatives with a cringey Christmas card

Merry Christmas from the Brassows!

COLLEGE STUDENT Joshua Brassow has a large extended family, some of which he hasn’t seen for five or ten years. 

Joshua Brassow - Profile Pictures | Facebook Source: Facebook/Joshua Brassow

He had the idea to pose with a fake family for a prank Christmas card a few years back – and this Christmas, he finally put the plan in motion.

He saved up $100 and placed ads on local message boards, hunting for a family to hire - he didn’t expect any responses, but told BuzzFeed he was “inundated” with people happy to adopt him for the day.

He eventually settled with Jess Jaxx and her two sons, and set to work creating the ugliest Christmas card ever:

joshuabrassow Source: Twitter/Joshua Brassow

Brassow said he wanted the photo shoot to be just believable enough to make his family think he “got this woman almost twice my age pregnant, and I have to step up and raise these kids”.

Please observe the turtleneck, and the sharp crease in those pants.

Jess Jaxx - Mobile Uploads | Facebook Source: Facebook/Jess Jaxx

Jess Jaxx - Mobile Uploads | Facebook Source: Facebook/Jess Jaxx

Amazing. Brassow says that not all of his family has received the card yet, but his sceptical mother thinks it’s hilarious:

She actually rolled her eyes and started to laugh.

Will Ferrell did a spot on impression of a drunk Irish dad on the Late Late last night>

The condom challenge in slow motion is absolutely mesmerising>

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