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christmas jeer

Are You Going To Survive Christmas With Your Family?

All is calm. All is sh*te.

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1. How many of your relatives have been around for Christmas?
4-6 relatives
6-8 relatives

8-10 relatives
I've lost count
2. Pick a topic you have argued with someone about.
Someone cheating during Monopoly. They wouldn't go down without a fight.
There was a small misunderstanding about the ownership of the TV remote, but it was resolved quickly!

A family member's terrible opinion on a certain current event. You just had to let them know they were wrong.
A sizeable squabble over who had to do the washing up. You're all laughing at it now though.
3. It's 2pm on St Stephen's Day. What are you doing?
Visiting. Dear god, help me.
Trying to find the good ones in the half-empty tin of Roses.

Preparing a lovely lunch of leftovers. Yum!
Begrudgingly out on a walk, after being ordered to get up and dressed.
4. Have you been admonished for choosing to spend some time with friends instead of family yet?
5. Pick an annoying Christmas song.
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Wikimedia Commons
Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses

Wikimedia Commons
Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid
Wikimedia Commons
The 12 Days of Christmas
6. Which picture is the best representation of your current mood?
Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons
7. Have you spent a significant amount of your time at home dealing with a hangover?
8. And finally - when do you get to escape?
Escape? That's an awful way of putting it!
Not for another week at least. Things are looking bleak.

Three days' time, thank GOD.
Answer all the questions to see your result!
You scored out of !
You're thriving.
At your house, everyone will be at peace and full of love for each other right up to the New Year and beyond. What are you, robots?
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You scored out of !
You'll be OK.
A little bit of frustration has bubbled up between you and a relative on a few occasions, but no battle lines have been drawn - yet.
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You scored out of !
You'll survive...just about.
The tension is there. Be careful that no one quibbles over an ill-gotten Trivial Pursuit pie, or the whole structure will come crashing down.
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You scored out of !
It's all-out war.
At this stage, it's hard to remember which members of your family you haven't come to blows with. Get out of there, while you still can.
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