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office romance

13 best office romances of all time

From Edna and Seymour to Barack and Michelle.

YESTERDAY WE TOLD you about research which revealed that 42 percent of Irish people have indulged in a romantic workplace liaison.  Then commenter Lisa confessed her affection for colleague Barry in the comments section and by the end of the day they had planned a date!

We love a good office romance – here are some of our favourites over the years.

Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel – The Simpsons

Seymour Skinner and Edna Krabappel set the students of Springfield Elementary’s tongues wagging when their professional relationship turned personal.


Barack and Michelle – Real Life

You may not have known that this pair first locked eyes when they worked together in a Chicago law firm in 1989.  This video outlining their romance was released for their 20th anniversary – is there anything cuter?


Tim and Dawn – The Office

Dawn was the receptionist, Tim a salesman.  Dawn had a boyfriend, Tim was alone.  We all watched with bated breath, willing these two to get together, and of course, eventually they did.

Moments like the one in this video had us faint with the want for them to get on with it.


Sam and Diane – Cheers

Ex-pro baseball player Sam Malone had a way with the ladies that drove intellectual barmaid Diane nuts.  We watched them bicker and fall in love for five seasons before she left the series.  Diane returned for the finale and they got it together again…but then they decided to leave it.  A rollercoaster romance if you will.


Jim and Pam – The Office

The American counterparts to Tim and Dawn, these two are just as sweet as sugar.  We watched them plan pranks together and brighten each other’s work days until finally, in the season two finale, Jim confessed his love.  It takes a while, but Pam came around and until the current and final season where they’re experiencing some hiccups, the path of true love has run smoothly.

Look at them.  They’re adorable.


Carla and Turk – Scrubs

Cheeky doctor Turk couldn’t resist beautiful nurse Carla’s hard ass exterior.  And she was willing to put up with the fact that his one true love was JD (see below).

In this clip Turk finally mans up and puts it all on the line.


Turk and JD – Scrubs

We can’t mention Scrubs without mentioning this, the true romance of the series.

Jokers, best friends, bromancers, rarely have we seen a love this pure and innocent on our screens.


Fran and Maxwell – The Nanny

The loud mouthed nanny fell for her rich boss and vice versa, as evidenced by these scenes of them kissing which some has somewhat troublingly set to Sexual Healing on YouTube.


Mulder and Scully – The X Files

Their chemistry set flames of lust alight in many a young fan, but they didn’t officially get it together until the film.

Check them out here, discussing that chemistry.


Josh and Donna – The West Wing

Josh was the White House deputy Chief of Staff and Donna was his chirpy assistant who held it all together.  The will they/won’t they question was there from day one.

It took aaaaaages (as this scene illustrates) but they got there in the end.

Angelina and Brad – Hollywood

These two met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and never looked back (despite the minor issue of Brad being married to Jennifer Aniston at the time).


Doug Ross and Carol Hathaway – ER

The path of love did not run smoothly for Doug Ross and Carol Hathaway, but God dammit, two people that good looking just had to be together.

After years of relationship turbulence they managed to get it together at the end of ER’s sixth season when Carol decided to leave Chicago to go and be with him in Seattle.


Bill and Monica – The Oval Office

That desk.  That stain.  That denial.  Perhaps this was the ultimate office romance?


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