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6 elements required for an accurate portrayal of Margaret Thatcher

She was nothing if not consistent.

YOU WILL KNOW, at this stage, that Baroness Margaret Thatcher has died at the age of 87 following a stroke.

Whatever your feelings on the former Prime Minister, there is no denying that she was iconic.

From the immaculately sprayed hair, to the delicate brooches she often wore, her style has been recorded well via numerous portrayals of her in film and television.

Here are six elements required for an accurate portrayal of Margaret Thatcher.

An accent that could cut glass

Spitting Image wasn’t the kindest likeness of Baroness Thatcher, but they certainly nailed the accent.


Pearl Earrings

A lighter portrayal in the Bond film, For Your Eyes Only in 1981, complete with the ever present pearl earrings.

YouTube/Dazza Kimpton

A pussy bow blouse

In The Falklands Play, Patricia Hodge played Thatcher, and sported the pussy bow blouse she favoured.


Perfectly set hair

Andrea Riseborough portrayed a young Margaret Thatcher in The Long walk to Finchley, but showed that even at that stage perfectly curled and set hair was a requirement.


A chunky handbag

As exhibited by the random shot of it in this clip of Lindsay Duncan’s performance in Margaret (BBC, 2009).


A low voice laced with gravity

Meryl Streep’s performance is now undoubtedly the most famous portrayal, and she perfectly grasped the low tone required for Thatcher to be taken seriously.


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