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Forget Tinder - lonely Irish farmers are looking for love on Facebook

Agricultural matchmaking at its finest.

SINGLE FARMERS AROUND Ireland are waiting for you…

Three Meath students from farming backgrounds are helping eligible bachelor farmers find love – via a Facebook page.

Cover Photos - Farmers Daughters Blog | Facebook Source: Facebook/Farmers Daughters Blog

Farmers’ Daughters was set up in January by Carol Lawless, Rachel Day and Shannon Kelly-Smith as a way of sharing farming jokes with like-minded individuals.

Speaking on LMFM’s Late Lunch on Monday, Daly and Lawless said they soon found their true calling:

We decided that it was time to help young farmers get with other farmers. We didn’t think [the page] would take off the way it did, but we had 4000 followers within a week.

They started taking nominations for ‘Farmer of the Day’ posts, in which eligible bachelor (and sometimes bachelorette) farmers can show themselves off in the hopes of finding romance.

Special attention is paid to the applicants’ type of farm, acreage, their love of ‘the craic’, and of course – road frontage.

Mobile Uploads - Farmers Daughters Blog | Facebook John Joe, one of the eligible farmers on the page Source: Facebook/Farmers Daughters Blog

For example, here’s the entry for one Bobby from Co Louth, a man “in dire need of a good country woman”:

A decent man who’s far from ‘wee’ himself, Bob likes nothing more than being elbow deep in a heifer when the occasion calls for it.

And Alison from Co Tipperary, “one of the biggest pig farmers going”:

Rumour has it she has 1000 acres, that’s some fine road frontage. Her father even got his 20 seconds of fame on a TV ad for his fine pork.

Mobile Uploads - Farmers Daughters Blog | Facebook And Davy, a 'real ladies man' according to the girls Source: Facebook/Farmers Daughters Blog

Daly told LMFM that she’s still on the hunt for her own farmer, but the following criteria applies:

You have to have over 300 acres, that’s the only thing. And a New Holland [tractor] if possible. John Deere maybe, but New Holland is better.

So lads and lassies, if you think you’re up to the task, you know where to go.

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