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# farts

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# stinky
This little girl is far too impressed by her own farts
Better out than your eye, we guess?
# on the batter
Here's why Guinness farts smell so damn horrible
We’ve gotten to the bottom of it. Tehehe.
# fart attack
A man says he was fired because his farts 'overpowered the office'
Toot toot.
# no farts
8 delicious Brussels sprout recipes... no really
Maligned no more.
# smell the roses
French man invents pill to make your farts smell of chocolate
Or roses, whichever you prefer.
# look at her butt
Here's the 'fart remix' of Nicki Minaj's Anaconda we've all been waiting for
If you have a 5-year-old’s sense of humour (like us) you’ll enjoy this.
# Weird Science
Smelling flatulence could help you live longer, scientists claim
Those poor poor researchers.
# this modern love
8 surprisingly romantic signs of true love
The interminable wait to watch the next episode.
# figure farting
Who knew that adding fart noises to figure skating would be this hilarious?
Trust us, you will laugh.
# Space Oddity
7 of the best bits from Commander Chris Hadfield's AMA
The retired astronaut returned to Reddit for the third time to answer all our pesky questions. He really loves us.
# that stinks
Welsh village's proposed name change raises stink
Campaigners want to change the name from Varteg to Y FARTEG.
# the truth hurts
8 unpleasant habits we should all start being honest about
They may not be pleasant, but we’re all at them.
# parp
Hilarious French bulldog is scared of his own farts
Well, farts ARE pretty scary.
# nose torture
11 smells that will make you want to block your nose forever
Our poor, poor noses.